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Custom Technology & Industrial Solutions

Management consulting expertise to optimize performance in every aspect of your company.

In today’s ever evolving commercial environment, we at CTIS see opportunity for your advancement in every business challenge. We immerse ourselves in your company before offering any advice. At CTIS, we have vast experience from strategic insight to tactical execution and everything in between. Our consultants each have a broad base of experience, but more importantly, draw from a team of successful business leaders back at the home office. These are P&L experienced professionals who can offer a wide array of possible solutions and then boil them down to the best solution for your specific need. We assess, plan, design and implement these solutions. All solutions are custom tailored for our clients so that we make sure the fit is optimal with your on-going staff. CTIS only delivers solutions with decisive action and sustainable results.

Our consultants have built their own companies, made acquisition decisions, determined the best options for asset realignment (including spin off, sale, JV, or merger) and sat in your chair. Experience makes a difference.